New Release: Sizzle

This new anthology came out on March 15th while I was on an airplane. Now that I’m on land, I’m delighted to be able to post about it.

For those in the know, food is more than simple sustenance; it’s the perfect seduction. Love Slave: Sizzle offers a delectable combination of taste, smell, touch, and pleasure, with a collection of tasty stories cooked up to whet your appetite. Engage in a little fork-play with these carnal treats, ranging from sweet romantic entrée to savory erotic indulgence. Come have a taste; these stories are certain to satisfy the most discerning palate. 

My contribution to Sizzle is “An Amish Girl Experiments with Chemistry,” a short f/f erotic romance about an ex-Amish baker and her assistant. Rachel Yoder, the ex-Amish character, loves hot pink short-shorts and loud music. Her assistant Leticia wants to taste more than Rachel’s cinnamon rolls.

It was a blast to write something where I could incorporate a little of my Anabaptist background without diminishing the sexytimes. In fact, I think the Amish and Pennsylvania Dutch tidbits only enhanced them. But I’m probably biased.

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