Sexy Snippet from ‘Alien Vibes’

The smooth, stainless steel wand gleams in the light from our kitchen window. I can’t resist the urge to reach out and touch.

‘Do you like it?’ you ask, eyebrow quirked. You release your grasp on the T-shaped handle so I can feel the wand’s full weight in my hand. At just six inches long, and an inch or so in diameter, it’s surprisingly heavy. It seems almost as dense as the lead musket balls I carry on my belt during steampunk cosplay. I wonder if it’s solid steel all the way through, or if it has a denser metal at its core.

‘What is it?’ I ask. Your profession is metal sculpting, but in your free time you’re always designing something new — often for cosplay, although sex toys are another of your talents. Is this apparatus for either of those applications, or perhaps both? I certainly wouldn’t mind feeling its solid length between my legs.

‘If I told you, I’d be taking all the fun out of this game. I’m more interested in what you think it is.’

Excerpt from “Alien Vibes” by Janelle Reston, which appears in The First Annual Geeky Kink Anthology, published by Riverdale Ave Books. Update May 2017: Please do not purchase this anthology, as Riverdale Ave Books is in violation of our contract. It has never provided me with the contributor’s copies or royalty reports stipulated in our agreement, much less any payment, nor has it responded to any of my multiple attempts to resolve this issue. If you’d like to read ‘Alien Vibes,’ contact me instead.