Sexy Snippet: Excerpt from Seventy-Seven Seconds

It’s the 19th, which means it’s time to share a sexy snippet! (The nineteenth of each month, the Erotica Readers and Writers Association encourages writers to post a snippet of 200 words or less from one of their stories. You can read all the snippets at the ERWA blog.)

I’m sharing one from “Seventy-Seven Seconds” in Going Down: A House of Erotica Collection:

“Come on, Lucy. I dare you.” Amber’s grey eyes had this way about them where they could look both cold and hot at the same time. They made my skin shiver and my insides melt.

“You’re crazy,” I said. “The elevator is glass. Anyone could see us.”

“That’s what makes it a dare.” Her hand slid up my dress where we sat side by side on the end of our hotel bed, mid-afternoon sun slicing across our legs. She was smiling, and the sharp points of her eyeteeth showed. She was a dangerous woman. It’s why I couldn’t resist her.

Want to find out more about Going Down? You can find it here:

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