Sexy Snippet from “Learning to Let Go”

If I’m reading the calendar right, it looks like my first three published short stories will all be BDSM. Hmmm … how’d that happen?

The first was in November in the Geeky Kink Anthology with bondage alien roleplay, the gender of the characters undefined. (Update May 2017: Please do not purchase this anthology, as Riverdale Ave Books is in violation of our contract. It has never provided me with the contributor’s copies or royalty reports stipulated in our agreement, much less any payment, nor has it responded to any of my multiple attempts to resolve this issue. The other contributors I’ve spoken to have reported similar problems. If you’d like to read ‘Alien Vibes,’ contact me instead).At the end of March in Lady Lit’s  From Top to Bottom will be “Dance For Me,” a piece of f/f erotica about a woman whose submissive side is brought out my her dance instructor. And somewhere on the horizon is the f/f erotic romance “Learning to Let Go,” in which a middle-aged movie director learns to submit to a younger actress. It will appear in To Obey Her from editor Jillian Boyd and House of Erotica.

Here’s a preview from “Learning to Let Go”:

“The best way to make me come is to rub my G-spot with your fingers while you push on my clit with your thumb,” I said, businesslike. “And you?” I didn’t realize that she’d stopped walking until I was two paces ahead of her and the distance between us almost pulled my arm out of its socket. I tried to let go of her hand but she held me fast. I stepped toward her. The look on her face was one of dismay. Ah, I thought. She’s young. Not used to communicating her needs so directly. “Don’t be shy. There’s no shame in saying exactly what you want.”

A tremor ran through her face. Before I could understand the joke, she was laughing – no, cackling. Was she laughing at me?

“What’s so funny?” I demanded.

She took a deep breath and squeezed my hand gently. The look on her face turned to that of a mother patiently explaining the obvious to her child. “I’m all for communication, but I’m not your hired handjob. If you want to get you off the same way you’ve gotten off a thousand times before, I’m not the one for you.” This was not what I had expected from her, given her age and our work together. I was the elder and the director. I was supposed to take the lead.

I stepped closer to her. She looked up at me, her breath warm on my face. “But you are the one for me,” I said nervously. It was a foolish thing to say. We hadn’t even kissed yet. “I’ve wanted you for so long.”

She smirked. “Yes, I know you have. But I won’t be your toy,” she said – calmly, authoritatively, making it clear she would brook no argument.

“Oh?” I said, my pulse quickening. “Then how do you propose to get me off? I’ve been doing this – Oh, I’d guess at least twenty years longer than you have.”

She moved her hand to my wrist, took the other wrist in her opposite hand. She looked into my eyes as she stepped even closer to me, her breasts pressing against me as she drew my wrists behind my back. “By teaching you how to let go.”

She kissed me then: softly, gently, her lips plump and smooth against mine. It could have been described as chaste if it weren’t for the way she had my arms pinned behind my back.

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