Rainbow Snippet: Witches, water, and tedious summer jobs

I recently joined the Rainbow Snippets group on Facebook, where every Saturday, readers and writers share a few lines from an LGBTQ+ work of fiction. This week, I’m sharing six sentences from “Water & Air,” an erotic modern fantasy story about a college student who is resentful of the magic that runs in her family but skipped her generation. It’s just her luck that hometown is a popular getaway for water witches, and she has to deal with them all day in her summer resort job.

But then she meets a witch who changes her mind about magic.

Here’s a snippet from the point of view of Miranda, the main character:

I worked the concession stand at the lake that summer. The lake was always quiet the first few weeks of the season—just locals and a few random tourists who started trickling in around Memorial Day.

But then the witches would descend. They’d begin arriving a week or so before the summer solstice and kept coming in droves until the fall equinox.

I never really understood the attraction of our lake to the water witches. Anywhere they were, they could draw water vapor from the air and force it to condense—so why they needed a lake to hang out in was beyond me.

You can download the audio version of this story for free when you sign up for my newsletter. You can also find it in the new Like a Spell, Vol. 1: Earth anthology from Circlet Press.

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20 thoughts on “Rainbow Snippet: Witches, water, and tedious summer jobs”

  1. Oh, I love the sound of this! I always like when magic and witches and such are sort of a normal, average part of the world. I love how she’s talking about the tourist witches like “Oh, yeah, this happens every day.” LOL. Looking forward to the rest of the story.

    • Thank you! I had such fun writing this story. I too have a thing for the, “Witches? Yawn,” trope, but you probably could have guessed that!

      I hope you enjoy it, and thanks for commenting!

    • That’s very popular around here. (I live near a lake, too.) I grew up around a different lake and we liked to go out in a raft or canoe in summer. Our dachshund always insisted on riding along.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. As someone who’s writing another modern fantasy/paranormal tale I’m interested in reading more about your take on modern witchcraft. An entirely different concept on my end, but I’m definitely interested.

    • Thank you! If you can listen to audio, feel free to do the download and learn more 🙂 I definitely tend to play around with the “witchcraft is mundane” trope.

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