Rainbow Snippet: Lazy lesbian weekends

Every Saturday, readers and writers share a few lines from an LGBTQ+ work of fiction as part of the Rainbow Snippets group on Facebook. While I don’t post something of my own every Saturday, I love checking out what other people have shared. It’s a great way to discover new authors and interesting reads.

This week, I have a new release! My story “In a Pinch” was included in the anthology Unspeakably Erotic: 20 Stories of Lesbian Kink from editor D.L. King and Cleis Press. But my excerpt is decidedly non-kinky, just a cozy afternoon that sets the scene for our main character, Kendra, to learn something surprising about her girlfriend, Jess:

Their apartment is a shoebox, but it’s what they can afford on their grad school stipends, so Kendra is mostly happy with it even if it means they can’t fit a full couch in the living-slash-dining room that also serves as an office. Kendra half sits, half lies on the loveseat with a big, floppy pillow under her back and her legs bent into upside-down Vs. Her socked feet are planted firmly on the loveseat cushion, but as she turns the next page in Katherine Mansfield’s Collected Stories, she stretches one leg out, propping her calf against the armrest and letting her foot dangle freely in the air.

She enjoys the feeling of being at her full length, even though she also knows the pressure of the armrest will eventually cut off her circulation and her ankle and foot will go pins-and-needles numb. She hates that sensation.

She keeps her leg outstretched anyway and keeps reading. The shower running in the bathroom a few feet away serves as the perfect, rainy backdrop for the story in which she’s immersed.

Here are different places you can check out Unspeakably Erotic:

Buy from your local independent bookstore (US)Buy the ebookBuy from AmazonBuy from Powell'sadd to goodreads

And right now, I’m also offering the audio version of my erotic urban fantasy short “Water & Air” for free when you join my reader’s circle.

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