New Release: Tomboy

I know I’ve been super quiet lately, but that’s not for lack of things happening. Mostly it’s because I’m spread too thin to blog. But last week I received this lovely cover for a coming-of-age romance of mine that Torquere will release in July. Called “Tomboy,” here’s what it’s about:

In 1950s America, everyone is expected to come out of a cookie-cutter mold. But Harriet Little prefers the people who don’t, like her communist-sympathizer father and her best friend Jackie, a tomboy who bucks the school dress code of skirts and blouses in favor of T-shirts and blue jeans. Harriet comes to realize she’s different too when she starts to swoon over Rosemary Clooney instead of Rock Hudson, and before long she’s secretly dating the most popular girl in the school. But she soon learns that real love needs a stronger foundation than frilly dresses and a pretty demeanor.

Thanks to Pene Henson and @nerdyfangirling for the feedback on a previous draft. Though it’s not a novel, it’s my longest accepted piece so far, so I hope it will gratify those of you who have been poking me for longer works. (I’m looking at you, Jude Sierra!)

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