New Release: The Geeky Kink Anthology

(Update May 2017: Please do not purchase this anthology, as Riverdale Ave Books is in violation of our contract. It has never provided me with the contributor’s copies or royalty reports stipulated in our agreement, much less any payment, nor has it responded to any of my multiple attempts to resolve this issue. The other contributors I’ve spoken to have reported similar problems. If you’d like to read ‘Alien Vibes,’ contact me instead).


Ever have kinky thoughts about Spock and Kirk? Princess Leia? Ever wonder just what you could do with the light saber?

Inside these pages, you’ll find everything a geeky kinky reader could want — from alien anal probing to comic book super heroes and super villains, and even such slightly obscure nerdishness as a new take on Jean Auel’s Clan of the Cave Bear and all sorts of Elvin sex.

And of course, there are ample references to Doctor Who, Star Trek, Harry Potter and Devo.

So strap yourself in …. It’s going to be a ride like none other with stories by award-winning authors like Cecilia Tan, I.G. Frederick, Tamsin Flowers, and first-timers too!

All digital (e-book) purchases on the website, will receive $2 off the list price of $9.99 by using the coupon codeGKE2015 when you check out.

If you would like a print copy, you will receive $5 off the $19.99 list price by processing your order directly through and putting the coupon code GEEKYKINK in your email. Your order will then be processed by our Customer Service team.

This Exclusive Members Sale runs through November 15th.

Please note, that for the sale to be valid, you must sign up for the Riverdale Avenue Books newsletter on our website (

Ooops! Did I write an alien anal probe story? Yes I did! And it’s the first one in this awesome collection about geeks getting their rocks on.

If you prefer to order on Amazon, here’s the link for that.

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