Free Queer Reads Thru Nov. 1!

Click here to Fall into Free Queer Reads—Books from the LGBTQ spectrum giveaway through Nov. 1

Nineteen authors have come together this week to offer free short stories, novels, box sets and more about gay, bisexual, lesbian, and nonbinary characters. You can choose from several gay and male/male romances, as well as these lesbian, bisexual, and nonbinary reads:

  • Water & Air, my lesbian paranormal romance that first appeared on the Nobilis Erotica podcast and in Like a Spell: Volume One
  • Rescued by Adan Ramie (FF romance)
  • Havoc by Miranda Bailey (lesbian dystopian sci-fi)
  • The Horse Mistress, Book 1 from R.A. Steffan (nonbinary femme main character with bisexual male lovers)
  • Loving Kate by David Stone (erotica featuring a bisexual woman protagonist)


Water & Air book cover

Go check out Fall into Free Queer Reads—Books from the LGBTQ Spectrum to discover your new favorite LGBTQ author. I’ve just downloaded the books I mentioned above and am looking forward to seeing what these stories are all about.

In the next few days, I’m hoping to add another freebie just for the heck of it, and other authors may join before the giveaway is over, so visit Fall into Free Queer Reads more than once!

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