Reblog: Let’s Talk About Brenda Howard for a Sec

Great post on Erika Lynae’s tumblr about bisexual activist Brenda Howard and the importance of bisexuals in the history of queer pride:


Let’s talk about Brenda Howard for a sec because I feel like all of the people shouting that “het”-partnered bisexuals don’t belong at Pride are missing a good chunk of their Pride history.

Brenda was:

  • A bisexual, polyamorous woman and activist
  • In a “het” relationship with partner Larry Nelson
  • Known as the Mother of Pride for her work in organizing the first LGBT Pride events
  • A participant in the Stonewall Riots
  • An active member of the Gay Liberation Front, Gay Activists Alliance, Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights, BiPAC, and BiNET USA,  among others
  • Co-founder of the New York Area Bisexual Network
  • Founder of the first Alcoholics Anonymous chapter for bisexuals
  • An incredibly important figure in the LGBT community, who paved the way for Pride and LGBT activism as we know it today

“Het”-partnered bisexuals don’t just belong at Pride, they were integral to its creation.

(Bonus facts: Brenda was also Jewish, a sex worker, and an outspoken feminist. I highly recommend learning about her because she was seriously an amazing woman.)

You can see photos and reblog at Let’s Talk About Brenda Howard for a Sec

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