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Want to buy me a coffee or commission some feminist fiction?

You can use the button below to pay me a tip. If you want to let me know why you are donating, you’ll have the opportunity to write something in the “Leave a note for Janelle” area on the payment submission form.

Want to get something unique back in exchange for your patronage? I take commissions! Maybe you’ve always wanted to read a story about a lesbian hyena shapeshifter, but have never found one. Or your girlfriend’s birthday is coming up and you’d like a unique piece of erotica to make the day even more special.

If you want to commission a story, contact me before sending me money. I’ll only take the commission if what you’re looking for is a good fit for my talents. Do not send money in advance, since I cannot guarantee I’ll be able to deliver on the commission. Also, please note that I maintain the copyright to all commissioned works. Other details will be hashed out between us in a written agreement prior to payment.

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