Rainbow Snippets: A Deaf domme meets her match

Every Saturday, readers and writers share a few lines from an LGBTQ+ work of fiction as part of the Rainbow Snippets group on Facebook. While I don’t post something of my own every Saturday, I love checking out what other people have shared. It’s a great way to discover new authors and interesting reads.

This week, I’m sharing from Best Women’s Erotica Of The Year, Volume 2, which is on sale in the U.S. this weekend for a total steal of just $1.99. I’ve been reading this series from Cleis Press for years, so it was a huge honor to have a story included in it. (How can I have read it for years before my story was published in Volume 2? The books used to be appended with the year they were published, but a couple years ago, Cleis started using by volume number instead, starting over at “volume 1.”)

My story in Best Women’s Erotica Of The Year, Volume 2 is called “Wordless Surrender,” and it’s about a Deaf dominant woman and the submissive female partner of her dreams.

Allie couldn’t abide kneeling. She didn’t need a sub who sat quietly at her feet, hoping to be petted and waiting for her command.

She had a service dog for that.

Moreover, it was burdensome to converse with someone whose mouth was next to her knees. Lip-reading from that position gave her a crick in the neck, and signing at such close proximity made it difficult to look at a person’s face and also see what their hands were doing.

Bowing was another habit she trained out of her subs. Consent was important to her, and even when she wore hearing aids it was difficult to discern the difference between yes and no if she couldn’t see the sub’s lips. A sub who insisted on looking at the floor and not at her face when she gave directions didn’t know the true meaning of surrender.

If that hooked you in, scroll down for ebook purchase links, as well as tips that might help you get the discount if you live outside the U.S. The sale ends tomorrow, December 17. And once you’ve read the story, come back to read about what inspired me to write it.

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Get Best Women's Erotica for $1.99


Through Sunday, Dec. 17, Best Women’s Erotica of the Year Vol. 2 is only $1.99 at U.S. retailers:
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  • iBooks: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/best-womens-erotica-of-the-year-volume-2/id1151132668?mt=11&ign-itsct=1151132668-1151132668&ign-itscg=0177&ign-mpt=uo%3D4

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