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tomboy book cover

About Tomboy

Some kids’ heads are in the clouds. Harriet Little’s head is in outer space.

In 1950s America, everyone is expected to come out of a cookie-cutter mold. But Harriet prefers the people who don’t, like her communist-sympathizer father and her best friend Jackie, a tomboy who bucks the school dress code of skirts and blouses in favor of T-shirts and blue jeans. Harriet realizes she’s also different when she starts to swoon over Rosemary Clooney instead of Rock Hudson—and finds Sputnik and sci-fi more fascinating than sock hops.

Before long, Harriet is secretly dating the most popular girl in the school. But she soon learns that real love needs a stronger foundation than frilly dresses and feminine wiles.

Learn more about the context of Tomboy by reading through Janelle’s posts about the 1950s.

Praise for Tomboy

This is a delightful story, smart and strong-willed young women living in a real world with a lot of sweetness.Pene Henson, author of Storm Season

There is a gentleness that runs through the story with moments of poignancy as well as happiness. I was very moved by the story and highly recommend it.Netgalley reader review

Tomboy is a very sweet and delightful love story set in post-war America, following Harriet’s growing up and the gradually blossoming relationship between two school friends. … Beautifully written and genuinely touching – I loved it.Netgalley reader review

I really love this. … Gave me happy from reader

It shows how sometimes love isn’t a rollercoaster — it’s more a gentle coming together of two people who deserve one from reader


This was a lovely story. I really loved Harriet, she was funny and sweet and I liked that she wasn’t your stereotypical girlie girl even though most people might not have noticed. She had a supportive family and a dad that was the kind most girls want.

Jackie was a tomboy but she was a lot more than that. She had a mind of her own and didn’t listen to what others thought of her. Again I loved that she has a mother and an uncle that understood and supported her.

While there was a touch of angst to this story it was a very sweet story of two young girls who grow up friends and eventually fall in love.

5 Stars! Jaymie, Bayou Book Junkie

Tomboy was published in 2016, but went out of print when its publisher closed. An expanded and revised version, almost twice as long, is set for re-release March 19, 2018 from NineStar Press. Order directly from NineStar press to receive the book March 15—three days early! Or sign up to get notified when Tomboy becomes available at e-retailers everywhere.

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