Lustily Ever After

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In this collection of erotic short stories, once upon a time… takes on a new meaning. Classic and lesser-known fairy and folk tales are reimagined in (mostly) contemporary settings.

The women in these stories take control of their destiny, striking out on new or kinky paths, as they search for their Prince (or Princess) Charming. Take the lead in finding and enjoying themselves, these women pursue their Prince (or Princess…) Charming, in their quest for happily ever after. (or for some, a single evening of happiness).

For a taste of the classics, you’ll find a vivid, dream-like (and kinky!) retelling of Alice in Wonderland (Land of Wonders), a humorous and sexy retelling of Goldilocks (Blondie), and a contemporary lesbian version of Rapunzel (River on the Eighth Floor).

In addition to retellings of classic fairy tales, the collection includes stories from Poland (Sure Feet and Smooth Brinks), Japan (Feathers, the Philippines (An Enchanting Hideaway, Ireland (Cu Chulainn), Scotland (The Ballad of Tam Lin) and classic Greek mythology (Made in Darkness, Mixed Media, and Lemnos).

Janelle Reston’s Making Snow is a sexy, modern take on the Grimm fairy tale Frau Holle (“Mother Hulda) featuring a ski resort manager who falls through the ice and finds herself in a new world of sensual delights.

From the romantic to the kinky, the delicate poetry to explicit short stories, this collection is sure to satisfy and open your eyes to new fairy tales.

Contributors include:

  • Zoe Amador
  • Scarlet Darkwood
  • Bradley Higgins
  • E.C. Jarvis
  • Adrea Kore
  • Devon Layne
  • Liz McAnder
  • Samantha McLeod
  • Janelle Reston
  • Sophia Soror
  • Olive Whittier
  • Cherry Wild

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