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Have you ever thought “I really wish someone would write a book about two girls going on an adventure, there is some unicorns and other fantastical creatures, the setting draws some heavy African inspirations, and maybe those two girls have some hot kissing scenes”? All right, maybe that’s a very niche wish. I didn’t know I really wanted it either until I read the synopsis for Unicorn Tracks. And this book blew my expectations away.

It’s on the shorter end of fantasies, but the pages are dense with gorgeous descriptions and thoughtful details. I knew I would be reading up on unicorns, but I hadn’t expected to get a fabulous bestiary about other fantasy creatures found in Nazwimbe. Like there’s a line talking about the difference between river and ocean mermaids, and I was stupefied by such simplicity and genius. The book also covers cultural differences between the main character Mnemba and her (white, European-ish) love interest Kara.

The cast of characters is just terrific. Mnemba has a traumatic sexual assault in her past which continues to haunt her and keeps her from seeing anyone in her family but her cousin Tumelo. But she’s also strong and resilient, a flower thriving in winter. Her attraction to Kara is immediate and beautiful, hope wrapped in a thick layer of fear. Kara herself is amazing and hella sexy. Unfortunately, she’s also engaged to a guy back home. Yikes.

The side characters are wonderful too – I really adored Tumelo, and he had such a playful relationship with Mnemba. But he was also fiercely protective of her and vice versa. Kara’s father was a surprisingly great character too. I thought for sure I would hate him, but nah.

For all the danger and excitement lurking in these pages of Mnemba and Kara’s journey to fight off unicorn poachers, the most thrilling parts of the book is the kissing scenes. No kiss is the same, and every emotion attached to the lip-locking is intense and beautiful.

But the book covers a lot besides unicorns and kissing, don’t get me wrong! There is a narrative about standing up for your history, your rights, your family, yourself. And it’s amazing.

Seriously, throw this on your TBR list if you like F/F or fantasy with a unique setting. You don’t want to miss out on this.

***e-ARC generously provided by the author***

“Unicorn Tracks” by Julia Ember will be available April 21, 2016. You can pre-order it here!

Thanks for reviewing!

This looks awesome. Adding it to my “to reads.”

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